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The Creation of Culinary Spaces in Sweden

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In progress 2016 - 2019


Ute Walter

Research subject

On the Importance of Fine Dining Restaurants for Regional Development Platforms and the Establishment of Linkages between Rural Food Producers and Consumers.

Food and gastronomy has recently been identified as a tool for creating new futures in rural areas. For example, it is expected that food production and gastronomy attract tourists and that they create job opportunities not least in disadvantaged rural areas. However public attention in this context is mainly on production. Thus it is suggested that the rural production has to be seen in the context of consumption and this can be exemplified by fine dining restaurants and their interest in using food from often nearby producers. The purpose of this project is to analyze how fine dining restaurants contribute to create new culinary spaces in Sweden. The project answers research questions on the diffusion of culinary restaurants, the importance of local products for branding, and the relations between fine dining restaurants and rural food producers. The results of the project are relevant for policy makers and rural developers.


Research funding bodies

  • The Swedish Research Council Formas