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Started in 2021


Joakim Larsson

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Wire drawing is and has historically been a very important manufacturing process. Today, components made of wire can be found everywhere. Screws and nails that creates joints in our buildings and hold our structures together are made from wire, the cables that transport electricity are also made of wire. In almost all complex products there are components made from wire. Without wire, we would not have the same society as we have today.

Örebro University has conducted research in the field of wire drawing during the past three decades.

Today, Örebro University collaborates with the leading companies in the Swedish wire drawing industry, which are also members of the Jernkontorets technical area for wire.

This project aims at developing the unique wire drawing research environment that exists at Örebro University.

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  • Hugo Carlsson
  • Jernkontoret (the Swedish steel produsers
  • Örebro University