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Nordic eHealth for Patients: Benchmarking and Developing for the Future

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In progress 2021 - 2023



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NORDeHEALTH aims to identify the challenges and opportunities in digitalization of health services, especially when national portals are implemented to give patients online access to their electronic health records and increase self-management and transparency in healthcare. The goal is to enable further digitalization of the public health sector by providing concrete feedback to the national authorities in the respective countries, provide guidelines and frameworks for design, implementation and evaluation of personal eHealth services (PeHS).  The project brings together experiences and knowledge from studying PeHS in the Nordic countries, with partners from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Estonia. This joint effort will increase the empirical evidence and establish a theoretical framework to explain how implementation of PeHS impact different stakeholders, and how to best evaluate and compare results across contexts.

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  • NordForsk