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Using the pedagogical innovation "the practising model" in physical education: a multiple case study.

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In progress 2022 - 2026


Dean Barker

Research subject

The research project is part of Robin Lindgren Fjellner's doctoral thesis. 

The overarching aim of the project is to explore how teaching physical education in upper secondary school can be made engaging, equal and educative. To create insights into this purpose, "the practising model" will be used. Previous research shows promising results in the use of "the practising model", which is why it was chosen. In addition, the model is relatively new and it is still uncertain how students and teachers feel that it can contribute to a more engaging, equal and educative education in physical education Therefore, the project makes an important contribution to developing knowledge in the subject of physical education. The research project includes three upper secondary classes and a total of three teachers in the subject of physical education.

Central to "the practising model" is that the students themselves choose a movement that they want to learn. Then the teacher helps to guide the students on how they can set goals, plan training, carry out training and finally evaluate their movement goal. In this way, "the practising model" is a student-centred form of teaching, which is based on the student's interest and this differs from how the subject of physical education has traditionally been taught.