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Antisemitic manifestations - the semiotics of antisemitism in Sweden and experiences among Jewish youth

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In progress 2023 - 2027


Gustav Westberg

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Antisemitism is a recurring phenomenon in contemporary Sweden that manifests itself in a wide range of social contexts (e.g., Bachner, 2017; BRÅ, 2019). Reports show the persistence of antisemitism in the everyday lives of Jewish youth (e.g., Katzin, 2021, Wagrell, 2022). The aim of the current research project is to investigate the semiotics of antisemitism and youth’s experiences of antisemitism in contemporary Sweden.

Theoretical and methodological insights from a Discourse-Historical Approach, Social Semiotics and New Sociology of Childhood are used to explore how antisemitism is semiotically practiced and experienced in various societal arenas. The project consists of three work packages (WP). WP A (2023–2024) will focus on the increased presence of radical nationalist propaganda in the public political space in Sweden. WP B (2024–2025) will explore radical nationalist propaganda in school contexts. WP C (2025–2027) will recruit Jewish youths as co-researchers to capture their perspectives on the antisemitic manifestations they encounter in their everyday lives. Combining discourse analytical methods and ethnography, the project will engage with the complexity and nuances of contextualized antisemitic semiotics. By maintaining dialog and collaboration with stakeholders, the project will provide much-needed knowledge about how antisemitism is semiotically manifested and how such manifestations are experienced by minority youth.


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  • Swedish Research Council