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Extraterritorial Enforcement in Cyberspace: Is it Changing the International Law of Jurisdiction?

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Started in 2022


Märta Johansson

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In today’s digitalized world, states look to externally held data to aid their internal law enforcement efforts and increasingly conduct extraterritorial enforcement actions in cyberspace to obtain it. The purpose of this thesis is to document such enforcement practices and analyze them in light of the prohibition on extraterritorial enforcement in public international law. In doing so, the thesis considers how the international law of jurisdiction may be changing as a result of such practices, be it through the emergence or change of customary international law or the development of treaty law or non-binding norms and principles.

Doctoral student: David Silverlid. 

Supervisor: Associate professor Märta Johansson

Assistant supervisor: Associate professor Maria Sjöholm and Professor Kal Raustiala, UCLA School of Law. 

Research funding bodies

  • Örebro University