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QUING: The Quality of Gender + Equality Policy (2006-2011)

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QUING is an Integrated Project funded by the European Union under Framework 6 to investigate gender and citizenship in a multicultural context, 2006-2011. We compare the meanings of gender equality in the 27 EU member states, together with 2 candidate countries for EU members. This involves close textual analysis of key policy documents on gender equality in employment, gender-based violence and intimate citizenship, as well as the comparative analysis of the varied institutional and social structural environments under which these meanings develop. Quing will contribute to the development of gender theory, especially in relation to intersectionality and to the theorisation of differences in gender regimes, as well as to more effective gender equality policies. With partners in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, and Turkey, the project is coordinated by Prof. Mieke Verloo in Vienna. The total budget is 4,742,000 Euro.


Research funding bodies

  • EU Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)