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Åke Grönlund

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Bangladesh Virtual Classroom is a project run by Örebro University (Sweden), Soft-Ed Limited and Bangladesh Open University (BOU), the project is funded by SPIDER. Bangladesh Virtual Classroom project focuses on using electronic means to provide education to rural areas in Bangladesh. BOU is charged with the task of delivering education to rural areas, and has an extensive network of 1300 tutorial centers for its 19 programs throughout Bangladesh to provide readily accessible contact points. BOU currently delivers pre-recorded non-interactive TV programs for its lectures. The efforts of the Bangladesh Virtual Classroom is to test a method that would make these pre-recorded lessons interactive.

The objective of the project is to make the interactive pedagogy tested during the "Bangladesh Virtual Classroom" project sustainable at Bangladesh Open University. Project deliverables are:

- The "Virtual classroom" as an established method of working at BOU, and as a universal transferable method. This includes interactive pedagogy as well as methods for production of interactive courses and for delivering these in an economically and technically viable fashion.
- Validated test results from large scale tests (estimated 30 000 students).