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Enterprise Architecture: Thinking in local government eGov adoption

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Fredrik Karlsson

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Improve the understanding of the nature and importance of promoting and inhibiting different factors in eGov adoption, including critical issues for succeeding with eGov adoption, and the negative effects of current governance model (NPM) in relation to eGov. How EA is used in practice, to acquire an understanding how Enterprise Architecture Thinking (EAT) can lead to positive changes. How ICT can be used to support the organizations work towards achieving convergence. Thus ensuring that visions, goals and benefits can be achieved in due manner. Hence the aim is to highlight the problematic nature of institutionalized structures and the effect it has on eGov adoption, it also contributes by enabling local governments to acknowledge the problems identified. Allowing them to better understand their own development and possibly avoid similar problems or at least have a better understanding of how to handle the issues that arise.

The licentiate thesis studies prerequisites, results, and problems associated with using EA in Swedish local government as part of eGov adoption to explore the role of EA in Swedish local government. The PhD thesis will explore Enterprise Architecture Thinking (EAT) in local government eGov adoption, and the process EAT endorses from a method-in-action perspective to acquire an understanding of how convergence can be achieved within local government organizations.

Research funding bodies

  • Örebro Municipality