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Junis Sisters - a drug prevention project with young girls

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Junis Sisters, a girls circle project, was conducted by IOGT-NTOs Juniorförbund in Örebro during 2007-2008. The purpose of the activity was to strengthen the young girls self image and self-esteem and make their needs visible. Junis Sisters directed at girls in grades 5 and 6 in Orebro. The project were carried out in Vivalla, Oxhagen and Baronbackarna and led by female group leaders aged 16-25 years.

The research team conducted a deepening of the project in 2007-2008 that resulted in a report. The main focus was to capture the leaders and their views, attitudes and expectations of the girl groups, and how they viewed their own role and their responsibility as leaders. A description of the project and degree of relevant experience is included in the report.


Research funding bodies

  • The National Board of Health and Welfare