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Member States' Constitutions and EU Integration

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Started in 2012



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Project Leader: Senior Scientist Roman Puff, University of Salzburg, Austria.

Financier: European Commission.

There is an evident tension between the increasing impact of European integration, affecting both national legislation and executive practice, and many of the Member States' constitutions. Thus, the question arises whether integration has now come to a halt by the already difficult entering into force of the Lisbon Treaty. Against this background, a five-year research project will explore the conditions for the future evolution of European integration in all 27 Member States plus Croatia. The issues to be analysed are, among others, these: The Constitutional Foundations for EU Membership; Constitutional Limits to EU Integration; Constitutional Rules on Implementation of EU Law; and finally, the resulting Relationship between EU Law and National Law.


Research groups

Research funding bodies

  • Örebro University


  • Centre of European Union Studies
  • ECSA, European Community Studies Association
  • Roman Puff, Universität Salzburg