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Children's rights in education

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Ann Quennerstedt

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The overall aim of the project was to expand knowledge about what the rights of the child mean in education. The different studies included in the project raised questions about the human right to education, as well as questions concerning the rights of the child in and through education, departing from the following main questions:

  • How is the child constructed as holder of rights in preschool and school?
  • How is the responsibility concerning the rights of the child held by educational institutions (preschool or school) constructed?

By analysing how our society perceives the “preschool child” and the “pupil” as holders of rights, and what perceptions there are concerning how early childhood centres and schools should act and organise their activities from a perspective of children’s rights, the project has contributed to the body of knowledge on children’s rights in education.


Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Research Council


  • Deborah Harcourt
  • Jonathon Sargeant, Australian Catholic University