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Enhancing the Quality of Policy Through Intersectional Analysis? Intersectionality, Multiple Inequalities and the Case of Gender-based Violence (2012-2017)

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Sofia Strid

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The aim of this project is to further develop the concepts of ‘multiple inequalities’ and ‘intersectionality’ through empirical research and comparative approaches. The project will address theoretical and conceptual questions with a focus on a specific case: gender based violence policies on national and EU levels. The analysis of the case will be a starting point for assessing if and to what extent the inclusion of multiple inequalities can increase the quality of policy. The analysis will among others put focus on the tendency to use degendering strategies, where seemingly gender neutral categories such as ‘victim of domestic violence’ or ‘perpetrator of sexual assault’ are used instead of addressing the gendered scenarios implied. The textual analyses will be followed up by transnational comparisons of the use of key terms in gender based violence policies, and related to the theorisations of intersectionality, developed in the four research strands.


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  • Swedish Research Council