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The Strength of Feminist Civil Society Organisations in the EU 27 (2010-2013)

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Sofia Strid

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The project, funded by the Swedish Research Council, aims to develop a typology to describe and compare variations in strength of feminist civil society organisations in the EU27 and to explain the variations. What is strength and what explains it? How can strength be operationalised? Is strength a question of quantitative resources of feminist civil society organisations, including permanent paid staff; permanent office; funding; membership size; and the number of affiliated member organisations? Can strength be measured by the intra-feminist civil society, including the transnational character of civil society organisations? Is the capacity of feminist civil society organisations to frame issues in ways that allow for joint collaborations and the overcoming of cultural differences an indication of strength? The project draws on previous research that utilise variables such as the relation between women´s policy agencies and the women’s movement; the economic and non-economic resources of the organisation; and European and international networks available to the organisation to explain strength and its variations.


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  • Swedish Research Council