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The Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission supports non-profit organisations and other voluntary associations wishing to test new ideas in developing activities for children, young people and the disabled. The Swedish institute for disability research (SIDR) has been commissioned to carry out an evaluation study of 60 projects related to employment, work and disability. 
The basis for the evaluation consists of 60 projects, all designed to somehow facilitate access to employment for people with disabilities which mean a reduction of work capacity. There may be projects that are not directly related to labor market entry, but are more about meaningful employment for the target group. The projects vary widely in scope and time. Some are short-term projects with others running over a three to four year period. The oldest project began in 1997 and about 20% are still in operation. The overall purpose of the evaluation is to describe and assess the value of the experience reported in the projects and how they lead to increased knowledge in the field. The methods we use are document analysis, surveys, and case studies. Four projects will be further examined in order to find successful projects and demonstrate the determinant mechanisms contributing to this success.

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  • Swedish Inheritance Fund (Allmänna arvsfonden)