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Assessment of Food Quality: An Embedded Approach

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This is a cooperation project with the University of Sastra in India finaced by Vinnova in the program "Strategic Indo-Swedish cooperative program Embedded System". The project will last 3 years and has the aim to designing accurate, low power, inexpensive, real-time, robust Electronic Nose system for food quality control. The approach taken in this project is to the combine expertise on sensor manufacturing and data processing to create an embedded system tuned to the specific applications. The approach will be to first use current Metal oxide sensors to then present a set of requirements about the sensor technology. Input from industrial partners about the most common problems in this specific field is also gathered. From there, new technology is to be developed which can optimize the performance for the application at hand. Studies will be conducted which compares the new technology with off-the-shelf technology. In addition an instrument is developed and a prototype is created. The prototype is finally tested in an industrial setting in both India and Sweden and a system wide evaluation is made which includes performance of the embedded system and a performance of the interaction with expert and non-expert users.

Research funding bodies

  • Vinnova