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Publish with open access

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Publishing open access means that you publish your research results in a way so that anyone can access your work free of charge.

As a large part of research is publicly funded, it is natural that all research results are made freely available. The Swedish government, the EU and most funding bodies request this. At Örebro University it is recommended that research results are made available through open access (RB 263/2012).

Open access to research publications can be achieved in several different ways. You can:

  • publish in a journal or on a platform that does not have a publication fee.
  • publish in one of the journals with which the library has an agreement.
  • publish in a journal with which the library does not have an agreement, but still get to publish your publication open access with the help of the University Library fund that provides financial support for open access publication charge
  • publish in a subscription-based journal and publish your accepted manuscript open access through parallel publishing in DiVA.

The different routes all achieve open access. However, parallel publishing (often described as green open access) can involve a certain delay because publishers often require an embargo period before you are allowed to make the manuscript freely available in an institutional repository (DiVA).

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Publish open access without a fee

Many journals and some platforms from research funders do not charge a fee when you publish open access.

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Publish with the fee covered by Örebro university

Information on open access agreements and the University's fund for open access financial support.

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Parallel publishing in DiVA

You are encouraged to publish you research findings open access which can be done through parallel publishing in DiVA.

Photo of Michaela Zeiner

Michaela Zeiner: "All researchers can access recent papers"

Michaela gives tips to keep in mind when publishing with Open Access.

Photo of Sam de Boise

Sam de Boise: "Transparency and access are important"

Sam talks about his view on publishing openly available research.

Photo of Carolin Zorell

Carolin Zorell: "It can widen our visibility within the scientific communities"

Carolin talks about the benefits of publishing with Open Access.

Photo of Gustav Westberg

Gustav Westberg: "I only have positive experiences"

Gustav tells us about his experiences with publishing open access articles.