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Örebro University School of Business

Honorary doctors

An honorary doctorate is a manifestation of the university's appreciation for eminent achievements made within some of our fields of action.

The following persons are honorary doctors at Örebro University, and have a connection to the School of Business:

Sajda Qureshi
Honory doctor (2023)

Read more about the appointment of Sajda Qureshi as honorary doctor


Gurpreet Dhillon
Honory doctor (2019

Read more about the appointment of Gurpreet Dhillon as honorary doctor (in Swedish)


Håkan Håkansson  
Honorary doctor of science (2016)

Professor at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Norway

Read more about the appointment of Håkan Håkansson as honorary doctor in the following article (in Swedish): Många doktorander ett skäl till att Örebroteknisten blir hedersdoktor

Göran Goldkuhl
Honorary doctor (2013)

Professor of informatics at University of Linköping, Sweden

Nils-Gunnar Billinger
Honorary doctor (2012)

Public authority manager and analyst, Sweden


Ulf Jorner
Honorary doctor (2010)

Statistics Sweden, Sweden

Ann Macintosh
Honorary doctor (2009)

Professor of digital governance at University of Leeds, Great Britain

Lingfang Huang
Honorary doctor of business and economics (2008)

Professor of statistics at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China


Carl-Erik Särndal
Honorary doctor (2000)

Professor of statistics, Statistics Sweden, Sweden