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Exercise Physiology and Sport Medicine (EPSM)

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Elodie Ponsot

Research subject

The research conducted in EPSM focuses on the influence of exercise and training on health and performance at all ages. Research conducted in EPSM involves an international collaborative network consisting of research groups as well as non-academic actors within sport. EPSM has extensive experience in designing exercise training interventions for research aiming to better understand the use of exercise to:

  1. optimize performance in sports
  2. promote health at stages of life and
  3. improve health condition in patient with chronic diseases or in rehabilitation process.

Our integrative approach includes the assessment of physical performance and functional capacity, physiological variables, behavior changes towards health, morphology, nutritional aspects, behavior changes towards health, biological and cellular analyses, and the use of in-vitro methods.

Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Research Council for Sport Science
  • The Knowledge Foundation
  • THe Swedish Foundation Lars Hiertas Minne