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School of Health Sciences

Meet our professors

The School of Health Sciences has eight full professors, two professors emeriti, one adjunct professors and four affiliated professors. Connected to the school is also two professors from the School of Medical Sciences

Portrait of Dimitri Beeckman

Dimitri Beeckman

Dimitri's research revolves around skin and wound research, clinical trials, nursing education and implementation knowledge.

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Karin Blomberg

Karin Blomberg

Karin primarily researches how relationship-building care can be promoted and how dignity can be preserved in people who are seriously ill.

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Portrait of Christer Ericsson

Christer Ericsson

Christer supervises and teaches at the School of Health Sciences.

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Mats Eriksson

Mats Eriksson

Mats' research deals a lot with pain in newborns, but also with older children.

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Portrait of Håkan Geijer

Håkan Geijer

Håkan's research is mainly focused on radiation doses and image quality in radiology, initially mostly in conventional X-ray but in recent years increasingly in computed tomography.

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Liselotte Hermansson

Liselotte Hermansson

Liselotte researches how arm prostheses affect everyday life for people who are born without arms or hands, or for those who suffer from arm amputation later in life.

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Marie Holmefur

Marie Holmefur

Marie's research is about everyday activities and how we can create better conditions for people with disabilities to be able to carry out the activities they want, need or have to do in their everyday life.

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Fawzi Kadi

Fawzi Kadi

Fawzi's research focus is on biological mechanisms behind sarcopenia and age-related inflammation, "inflammaging", as well as the development of preventive non-pharmacological interventions aimed at promoting healthy aging based on physical activity and nutrition.

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Photo of Mats G. Karlsson taken by Elin Abelson, Region Örebro län 2021.

Mats G. Karlsson

Mats' research is about pathology and clinical laboratory medicine.

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Annica Kihlgren

Annica Kihlgren

Annica's time as a nurse in emergency and municipal care gave her insight into the vulnerability that many elderly people find themselves in. Today, her research is focused on improving the care.

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Lars-Olov Lundqvist

Lars-Olov Lundqvist

Lars-Olov researches disability with an emphasis on health in mental and physical disability from a life perspective.

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Portrait of Elina Mäki-Torkko

Elina Mäki-Torkko

Elina's main research interest is hearing epidemiology especially regarding age-related hearing impairment and the benefit of cochlear implants in adults. 

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Portrait of Claes Möller

Claes Möller

Claes conducts audiological research in, among other things, genetic hearing loss, Usher syndrome and deafblindness.

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Portrait of Margareta Möller

Margareta Möller

Margareta's research area spans the elderly, osteoporosis and case and intervention studies for teenagers with psychosomatic problems.

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Eewa Nånberg

Eewa Nånberg

Eewa researches how exposure to chemicals can affect our immune system and nervous system.

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Elisabet Welin

Elisabet Welin

Elisabet's goal is to improve care for patients with rheumatic diseases - with better treatment and care that is more adapted to the patient's needs.

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Portrait of Agneta Yngve

Agneta Yngve

Agneta's research revolves around public health nutrition, in recent years with a focus on gastronomic aspects of meals. Agneta most recently comes from a professorship at Uppsala University.

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