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Public defence of doctoral thesis

Details of the Dissertation and licentiate seminar, thesis preparation and application for degree certificate are listed on this page.

Information due to covid-19

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the university has to limit the number of public defences of thesis to two per day during the autumn term of 2020. To pre-book the day of defence, make early contact with the school’s administration for the doctoral programme.

For defences of thesis that will take place during the autumn of 2020, pro-vice-chancellor has temporarily delegated to the dean to decide on exemptions to university guidelines on defence of thesis (in Swedish only: Föreskrifter om disputation m.m. vid Örebro universitet, ORU 2014/4414).

To apply for exemption as regards digital participation by the faculty examiner and/or members of the examining committee, send in this form to This is an email address no later than three weeks before the defence.

The deans have taken a joint decision on rules of conduct for defences of thesis in connection with covid-19 (in Swedish only).

Public defence of doctoral thesis (Dissertation)

To receive a doctorate, the doctoral student must receive a pass grade on a doctoral thesis. Writing the thesis must be equivalent to studies worth at least 120 credits (equivalent to two years of full-time study). More specific requirements for the thesis' scope in credits are described in the general syllabus for each subject.

Thesis production

According to the Higher Education Ordinance, the doctoral thesis shall be orally defended at a public defence. A proposal for the public defence is being prepared at the school (the form is available in the list below). The proposal must be signed by the head of school before is is submitted to the Records Office no later than two months before the proposed date for the public defence. For public defences held in September, the proposal must be submitted to the Records Office no later than the first week in June.

The proposal states e.g. date of the public defence, title of thesis, opponent, examination committee members and chair.  The proposal is handled by the Office for Academic Policy and the decision on the public defence of doctoral thesis is made by the chair of each faculty board (Dean).

Proposal for public defence of doctoral thesis   (Please make sure to print the form single-sided)

For questions concerning the proposal for public defence etc. contact the Office for Academic Policy, This is an email address

Licentiate seminar

For a licentiate degree, the doctoral student must achieve a pass grade on a thesis that is equivalent to studies worth 60 credits. More specific requirements for the thesis' scope in credits are described in the general syllabus for each subject.

The thesis should be defended at a seminar. The head of school decides on whether a seminar should be held and, where applicable, the time and place and a reviewer/faculty examiner at the seminar.

Degree certificate

A doctoral student who fulfils the requirements for a Doctoral degree or Licentiate degree shall, on request, receive certification of this from the university. A form for requesting a degree certificate is available below.

Application for degree certificate - Doctoral studies