Departure information

Before you leave there are some things you need to do. Here is a check list.

Step 1 - Tell your departure date

You have to fill out the Departure date form and tell us when you will leave Sweden. The last date of filling out this form is 15 May 2024.

In case you have any questions please contact This is an email address. In case your departure date changed after 15 December 2023 you have to send a email with the new departure date to This is an email address.

Departure date form

Step 2 - Hand in the keys: when, where and to whom

You must make arrangements for how to return the keys to the Housing Office, L1613 (Långhuset) Make sure to tell us by whom and when the keys will be handed in.

You can hand in the keys during visiting hours, Monday-Friday 13.00-15.30 + Monday, Wednesday-Thursday 8:00-9:00 at Housing office in Långhuset L1613 if you leave before 12 January. Alternatively drop  the keys in the key deposit at Entréhusets entrance outside on the wall. Just remember that you are responsible for the keys until the Housing Office, has got them back. Also remember to inform us if a friend will be giving back the keys, the name of the friend and also what date he/she will hand in the keys.

Last day to hand in the keys for spring semester is on Monday 3 June 2024, at 12 (noon) the latest.

Please note that the keys must be handed in to the Housing Office L1613 at the latest according to what is stated on the Tenancy Agreement that you signed when you arrived.

Step 3 - Clean your room

Empty your room from ALL personal belongings. ONLY the mattress can be left in the room. Do not leave your pillow, quilt, toilet brush and wastebasket!

The Student Coordinator can take care of useful things such as course books and kitchen equipment and pass it on to coming exchange students. Due to hygiene reasons, you cannot leave any textile things. For the things you cant take with you or donate/sell, there are garbage rooms close to your accommodation - use them. If you have stored items in the common areas/rooms/wardrobes you must take them away. If you do not take your personal belongings away an amount, will be deducted from the deposit.

Clean your room according to the cleaning instructions. If the cleaning is not done well enough the amount will be deducted from the deposit. To clean the room normally takes more time than you can imagine, so make sure to allow you enough time. We expect you to leave the room so next student can move in without us ordering a cleaning in between. You are also responsible for the common areas, please check with you room/corridor mates how to arrange the cleaning.

Form for bank details for refund of deposit

Lock the door to your room when leaving.

IMPORTANT ! Hand in the key to Housing Office, room L1613 Långhuset, Örebro University (not to Öbo) alternative drop off the key in "key deposite" at Entréhuset.

Questions about the cleaning?

Email all questions about cleaning inspections and how to clean  to This is an email address