Communal housing

A house.

Eken/"The Oak" - Universitetsgatan 17A

These facilities are available to both exchange and master’s students

Remember that if you wish to apply for accommodation here, you need to be prepared to share all facilities apart from your own room. You also need to interact well with others, be flexible, responsible, considerate and sensitive to the needs of others.

Students have their individual rooms and share the kitchen and bathroom/toilets. The building provides mixed housing with both male and female international students. If there is a request, we can in the smaller blocks arrange for only one gender. There are however no Swedish students.

In the rest of the building there is apartments rented out by the landlord L-G Söderbergs and in bottom a Preschool.

The rooms shown as unfurnished in the 360 photo come with standard furnishings.

The rooms shown as furnished in the 360 photo are examples of how you can style your room.

For the bathrooms shown in the 360 photos, there is more information under the tab Accommodation. There you will find details of housing arrangements in terms of own/shared toilet, kitchenette/kitchen etc.