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Inflammation in Health and Disease

Do you want to know more about infectious diseases and inflammatory disorders and to understand why some individuals develop severe life-threatening conditions, whereas others are only mildly affected?

In the profile Inflammation in Health and Disease, your focus of studies will be the cellular and molecular mechanisms that control the activation and modulation of the body’s immune system in inflammatory processes.

You will deepen your knowledge from year one regarding inflammatory processes by putting your knowledge into a context of both infectious diseases and host defence, as well as processes such as wound healing, cancer immunology and sterile inflammation due to environmental factors. You will obtain both a broad and deep understanding of the implications of inflammatory mechanisms and how they interplay with both health and disease.

This profile is hosted by the research environment Inflammatory Response and Infection Susceptibility Centre (iRiSC) at Örebro University in collaboration with national and international research groups. The researchers and teachers at iRiSC are experts within the fields of cell biology, immunology, microbiology and infectious diseases.