Handing in take-home exams to the Info Centre

Here we have gathered information and pointers for handing in exams, including take-home exams, to the Info Centre.

Information and pointers:

  1. Finding your examination code
    • Anonymity
    • Find your code
    • How is your code used?

  2. Printing your exam and cover sheet
    • Printing on Örebro University’s printers

  3. Submitting to URKUND
    • Submitting to URKUND
    • How URKUND works
    • Help using URKUND

  4. Handing in exams to the Student Services Centre
    • What to bring to the Student Services Centre?
    • In case you cannot hand your exam in yourself
    • Adapted examination for students with a disability

  5. Once you have submitted your exam
    • Picking up your marked exam
    • Review of exam

You have the right to remain anonymous to your marking teacher when your take-home exam is marked. Therefore, for each exam, you will receive what is known as an “anonymous code”. Anonymity is lifted after your grade is reported.

You might need to look at two different places to find your anonymity code. This depends on if you have signed up for the exam via Studenttjänster or via e-mail directly to a Study Administrator.

  • Via Studenttjänster: Your examination code is visible under Ladok Student. Click the course under which your specific take-home exam exists. Note! You will need to change from “Participation on the course” to “Result”! On the page for Results you will see all examinations you will have during this semester. Scroll until you find this specific take-home exam which you will, or already have, signed up for. If you have signed up you will be able to see which anonymity code you have received in the green field.

  • Via e-mail to a Study Administrator: Your Study Administrator will contact you to give you an anonymity code. Look through your inbox!

 Take care to note the correct anonymity code!

The anonymous code is intended primarily to allow anonymous handling and assessment of your submission. Therefore, you should write your code on the submitted cover sheet to ensure that your exam is separated from other students' exams.

Also, write your code on each page of your submission. This minimises the risk that papers may get lost or incorrectly handled during the marking process.


  • One copy of your examination
  • Two copies of your cover sheet

The cover sheet was sent to you via Blackboard by your study administrator. Check your course message inbox. If you cannot find the cover sheet, contact your study administrator. 

Printing on Örebro University’s printers

Here you can read more about using the printing system at Örebro University.

Örebro University uses URKUND as a collective system for text matching. More specifically, it is used to prevent and detect plagiarism. The system is web-based and used by all schools for checking papers, reports, written assignments and take-home exams.

You get specific information about when and how to use URKUND for this particular submission from your school. Did you miss it? Contact your study administrator who gave you your code.

When you have submitted your work to URKUND, you will receive an email confirmation. The confirmation contains an alphanumeric confirmation ID (DXXXXXXXX). The Student Services Centre will make a note of your confirmation ID when you hand in your exam, and you can provide it for instance by showing it in your mobile device or on a piece a paper.

Read more about how URKUND works.

No confirmation received

Upon submitting your work to URKUND, you will receive confirmation via email about 15 minutes later. During peak periods at URKUND, like the last week of the course or semester, it may take longer. It is therefore always good to submit your work well in advance.


Error in submitting

It is essential that you follow the instructions you receive from your school when you submit your examination to URKUND. The specified email address you have received is the one you must use because it allows your teacher access to URKUND's analysis of your submission. If submitted incorrectly, contact URKUND's customer service for help.


Duplicate submissions

Plagiarising yourself is possible. If you accidentally submit your work several times and receive several confirmation emails, you need to contact URKUND and ask them to delete those files  that were incorrectly submitted.

Be sure to arrive in good time. During the busier examination periods, the Student Services Centre may experience long queues. Be there at least 20 minutes before the submission deadline to ensure that your submission goes smoothly.

You may submit your take-home exam early if you wish. However, note the Student Services Centre’s opening hours.

  • A valid personal ID
  • One printed copy of your work
  • Two printed copies of your cover sheet with your code entered
  • An URKUND confirmation ID (you may show it, for example, with your mobile)

In the event that you cannot submit your exam yourself, it is possible to submit via a proxy or by post.

To submit your exam via a proxy, the same guidelines apply as when you submit your examination yourself, with a slight difference. Your proxy must bring with them:

  • Their own valid ID
  • One printed copy of your work
  • Two printed copies of your cover sheet with your code entered
  • An URKUND confirmation ID
  • A power of attorney allowing the proxy to submit your take-home exam. Use the form below.

Power of attorney form for download will be published shortly.

If you post your examination, the same guidelines apply as when you would submit your exam yourself, with a slight difference. Your submission must include:

  • Photocopy of your personal ID
  • One printed copy of your work
  • One printed copy of your cover sheet with your code entered
  • The completed and correctly filled out form for submission via post (e.g. the URKUND confirmation ID) – use the form below
  • We recommend that you contact the Student Services Centre to make them aware of the fact that your take-home exam will be submitted via post.

Form for submission via post for download will be published shortly.


Send the letter (containing contents as above) to:

Örebro University
Student Services Centre

If you have a documented disability, you can apply for special educational support with Funka (disability support). Contact the disability coordinators at Funka – in good time before your first exam – for more information on how to apply for support and to schedule an adapted examination. Contact details can be found at Studying with disabilities.

If you have received an extended submission deadline as part of your adapted examination, contact your study administrator so that this will also apply to take-home exams.

Once you have submitted your exam, you will receive a receipt of what you submitted and when. This receipt is then used to retrieve your marked exam.

A take-home exam that you have submitted to the Student Services Centre may also be picked up at the centre after it has been marked and your grade has been recorded. It takes about a day, from the time when you have received your grade, until you may pick up your exam. Bring with you:

  • Your receipt of submission
  • A valid personal ID

If you misplace your receipt of submission, you can get a new one at the Student Services Centre.

If you turned in your take-home exam via Blackboard, then it will not be available for pick up at the Student Services Centre.

If your exam is incorrectly marked, for instance, if there is an obvious calculating error, you may request a review.

It is helpful if you attach the submitted exam to be reviewed along with your request. In such cases, the Student Services Centre recommends that you obtain a copy of your submitted and marked examination, rather than picking up the original.

You can request a review in Studenttjänster on the Exam page.