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Computer rooms

Depending on the school and programme, computers, software and other equipment in computer rooms may vary. The school owns the equipment and decides what software is installed. 

Access to computer rooms depends on which school you are enrolled at. A valid University Card is always required to access the computer rooms, 24/7.

Students log in to university computers with their ORU personal account (activate your ORU account). If you are experiencing problems logging in, please contact Info Centre in Långhuset.

Teaching staff needing work access to computers in the computer rooms must first acquire a computer account with these privileges. Contact IT Services well in advance if you need such an account.

School of Business (Handelshögskolan)
PC: L112, L114

School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (HumES)
PC: F122, F126
Mac: F113, F117, P2101

School of Health Sciences (HV)
PC: P235, P237, G119

School of Behavioural, Social and Legal Sciences (BSR)
PC: L149, L155, Psychiatry Clinic on Drottninggatan 38, Örebro

School of Medical Sciences (MV)
PC: C4302

School of Science and Technology (NT)
PC: T004, T006, T112, T114A, T114C, T117, T120, T122, T124, T201

School of Music, Theatre and Art (Musikhögskolan)
Mac: M302, M303

School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science (Campus Grythyttan)
PC: K113

Main Library, Campus Örebro (Universitetsbiblioteket)
PC: U1181, U1191, public computers.

Programme info
Statistical software (SPSS) is available in F126, L107, L114, L149, L155, G119, P235 and P237.