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ORU-Survey is an online Survey software for gathering and evaluating feedback. ORU-survey is used in research, course evaluations and dissertations etc. ORU-survey is suited for all staff categories and is also used by students.

Use your ORU-account to log in.

ORU-survey is a cloud service and the company, Artisan Global Media, is a Swedish company based in Växjö. Artisan Global Media's servers are located in Sweden (Växjö).

All data entered into Survey is treated with confidentiality, the system complies with GDPR and Data Processing Agreements exists.

It is not possible to link IP addresses to responses regardless of whether the survey is an Public, Respondent or Anonymous survey.

Backups are done daily.

All Artisan Global Media personnel are bound by a confidentiality and disclosure prohibition agreement that prevents the dissemination of classified information about customers and their data.

As a user of the system, you own your data and are responsible for exporting your data from the ORU-survey to an appropriate data storage area after the survey responses have been compiled. 

ORU-Survey should not be used for long-term storage of collected data. After the survey responses have been compiled, you are responsible for deleting your data.

GDPR when students collect personal data

Data protection policy at Örebro University.

  1. Log in to Survey
  2. Click on your name shown in the top right corner
  3. Select 'Välj Språk' 
  4. Select the language that you want to use

change language

User guides can be accessed by selecting the built in help feature. 

When you have logged in to Survey, open the help feature by selecting 'Book' shown in the top right corner, next to your name. 

User guides


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