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No form of cheating whatsoever is allowed during an exam or other study assessments.

  • Cheating can be that the student is using aids that are not allowed, such as notes, during the exam.
  • Cheating can also include students that work together when it has been stated specifically that this is not allowed, or plagiarism (copying or transcribing), in connection with for example essay-writing or take-home exams.
  • Copying someone else's work without quoting or revealing the source can also be considered cheating.
  • Helping someone else to cheat is also considered cheating. You are not allowed to let anyone else copy your work such as take-home exams or essays.

An attempt at cheating is also considered cheating and the student will be subject to disciplinary action. If anyone discovers that you are cheating at an exam you may however finish writing the exam in question.

The person who discovers that someone is cheating can report this to the vice-chancellor, who will either decide the matter or hand it over to the university's disciplinary committee. The disciplinary committee consists among others of the vice-chancellor, student and teacher representatives and a judge. Students who are found guilty of cheating will be warned or suspended for a period of time.

A student may be warned or suspended not only because of cheating. The disciplinary committee also deals with disorderly activities or misconduct and harassment. If you are warned or suspended by the disciplinary committee you can appeal against this at the administrative court.

Remember that it is your responsibility as a student at Örebro University to follow the rules that apply at the university!