Reporting an offence

When should a complaint be filed?

If there is reason to suspect a student of disciplinary misconduct, the vice-chancellor should be promptly notified. The allegations must be based on objective observations. However the bar is set fairly low; suspicion with very little factual backing is sufficient for a complaint to be made. 

Who files the complaint?

Every employee has a duty to file complaints on disciplinary matters. 

What should the complaint contain?

The complaint which is submitted to the vice-chancellor should include the following:

  • student’s name and civic registration number;
  • an up-to-date extract from the study documentation system (LADOK);
  • course syllabus and name and scope of the module, if applicable, on which the student is suspected of disciplinary misconduct;
  • a clear and detailed account of the matter;
  • any aids that have been used shall be enclosed. If the student is suspected of plagiarism, a print-out of the text which the student is suspected of having plagiarised shall be enclosed;
  • details of the information, oral as well as written, given to students of the rules applying to the assignment at hand;
  • rules of conduct, if applicable;
  • notes from interview, if applicable, between the notifier and the student;
  • an account of what consequences a possible suspension would have for the suspected student;
  • details of whether an interpreter is needed in the matter; and
  • witness accounts if there are any witnesses to the event.

Form Complaint of disciplinary misconduct.docx

What happens after a complaint has been filed?

If a complaint is sent to the vice-chancellor, it is investigated. The vice-chancellor cannot dismiss a complaint without first arranging for the matter to be investigated.

During the period from the complaint being filed until the decision by the vice-chancellor or the disciplinary committee, the student may attend teaching, exams and other activities at the university as usual. The vice-chancellor may however order the student’s suspension with immediate effect. An interim suspension decision shall have effect until the disciplinary committee has decided in the matter.