Type of housing

Student housing is offered at Studentgatan, corridor-style living, room with own bathroom for you as an exchange student.

Student housing is also offered in Västra Flygeln (Red house) where a limited number of students can be offered corridor-style living own room, shared common areas in a more quiet setting on campus.

On campus, student housing is offered in The Oak. This building is new and was finish 2021.

The student’s apartments Studio 94, offered at Tybblegatan 94 are 3-5 minutes’ walk from campus.

Allocation of housing

The allocation of housing is based on the below mentioned criteria:

  • The Housing Office endeavours to create a friendly, international atmosphere, by mixing exchange students of different nationalities with Swedish students.

    We do, however, also offer a limited number of corridors reserved for exchange students only.

  • The Housing Office strives to distribute housing in order to use the student rooms in the most effective way.

  • Students with special housing requirements due to disabilities must provide a certificate both from a medical doctor and the home university.