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Mentor Match

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Inspire and be inspired by our students

Finding your way after university can be a challenge. No matter if you’re looking for the right job, setting up your own business or considering opportunities for further education.

Our Mentor Match programme brings together talented and motivated students with carefully selected alumni and friends. Mentors who can provide the advice, challenge and insight to help our students take those first important steps after University with confidence and enthusiasm.

Mentoring can take place physically or digitally - you decide.

It’s a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved, and helps strengthen our success in student employability. And this of course is great for our students and their employers. Whatsmore, it helps build the reputation of our University and all those associated with it, such as our supporters, researchers and students – past, present and future.

We are currently welcoming applications for the 2023/2024 programme that will begin in mid-October 2023 and end in April 2024.

Register today on our online mentoring portal -!

The last date to apply is Monday 16th October. The University then makes matches and if we're able to match you with a mentoring partner we'll get in touch by email with all the details you'll need to get started!

Thanks for your interest in taking part!

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Why take part: Students

If you're a student then it's an opportunity to extend your professional contacts and networks. An opportunity to learn more about a professional area or industry. To develop your one-to-one and interview skills, as well as explore and hone your preparedness for the career you'd like. It's an opportunity to expand your horizons.

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Why take part: Mentors

If you’re an alumnus or friend then it’s an opportunity to refine your one-to-one skills. To gain insights into the graduate workforce and customer. Extend your professional career contacts and network with other mentors on the programme as well as your mentee. An opportunity to share your success and experience with a student, and involve yourself in the life and work of Örebro University. Register now!