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PhD course in utilisation: Future researchers learn how to maximise impact outside academia

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Doctoral students learning more about utilisation and disseminating their research to various target groups.

During the course “Impact and the utilisation of research”, our doctoral students at Örebro University learn to utilise and spread their research. They learn methods and receive tips as well as learn to present their research for different target groups outside of academia.

Communicating research to different target groups

Spreading and allowing knowledge to benefit society and industry is the main focus of this course. We discuss how to determine an idea's potential and how to build a network. The doctoral students also complete practical exercises in idea development.

During the course, researchers from different subject areas come together, each with their own experiences and skills. Experts with extensive experience in their respective fields lead lectures and seminars.

In addition, participants obtain knowledge about intellectual property, finance issues and legislation related to the utilisation of research.

The course objective is to bridge the gap between research, society and industry – and generally to improve opportunities for utilisation. The course is intended for researchers of all disciplines and generates 4.5 credits.

Asmatullah Katawazai.

“Should be compulsory for all PhD students"

Asmatullah Katawazai, PhD student in surgery at the Department of Medical Sciences, took the course during the autumn 2023.

"The course is inspiring and interactive. It is valuable regardless of the field in which the PhD student works. I think the course should be compulsory for all PhD students. Researchers often have a complex topic to convey and it can be a challenge to make it comprehensible to people outside their professional group. The course helps develop the ability to communicate with different target groups, which is an important skill. It is particularly relevant when trying to convey academic research in a practical and understandable way", says Asmatullah Katawazai, adding:

"I would recommend this course to all doctoral students, regardless of field."



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