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The Innovation Office – from research to the public good

A person is holding a white sign with text and pictures describing innovation.

To make an impression, we need both basic research discoveries and innovations from applied research. The Innovation Office at ORU Innovation offers support in the process of innovation and idea development.

A typical day for a researcher or teacher involves more than just research and teaching. Making their research results available has always been an important responsibility. Spreading their research comes about mainly through publication and teaching. An increasingly important task includes innovation and utilisation of their research findings.

The Innovation Office targets students, researchers and other staff at Örebro University. We also have advanced collaboration with external partners and funding bodies.

Our offer:

  • Advice, which is free of charge.
  • Support in the innovation and development process.
  • Seminars, workshops and courses.
  • Protection of your intellectual asset.
  • Support in locating funding.
  • We respect confidentiality.

You will find us in Hubben, a part of the ORU Innovation Arena, at Örebro University. We look forward to meeting you!

Helena Melander Bergström

Position: CEO School/office: Örebro University Holding AB

Profile page: Helena Melander Bergström

Email: aGVsZW5hLm1lbGFuZGVyLWJlcmdzdHJvbTtvcnVob2xkaW5nLnNl

Phone: +46 19 303347

Room: IA2016

Helena Melander Bergström

Åsa Allard

Position: Operations Manager/Innovation Advisor School/office: Örebro University Holding AB

Profile page: Åsa Allard

Email: YXNhLmFsbGFyZDtvcnUuc2U=

Phone: +46 19 301409

Room: IA2005

Åsa Allard

Peter Blomberg

Position: Innovation Advisor/Business Developer School/office: Örebro University Holding AB

Profile page: Peter Blomberg

Email: cGV0ZXIuYmxvbWJlcmc7b3J1aG9sZGluZy5zZQ==

Phone: +46 706 738407

Room: IA2016

Peter Blomberg