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Matilda Wurm

Title: Postdoctoral Researcher, Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Law, Psychology and Social Work


Phone: +46 19 303508

Room: L2343

Matilda Wurm
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About Matilda Wurm


Matilda Wurm is a member of the Center for Health and Medical Psychology (CHAMP). She holds a degree in clinical psychology from the University of Örebro (2011) and defended her PhD-thesis in 2018.


Matilda's main research area concerns comorbid pain and anxiety, as well as potential shared mechanisms. The research in health psychology has led to a focus on social factors implicated in ill health, which has further developed an existing interest in social stressors that can be experienced by minorities (minority stress).


Matilda teaches at the Psychology Program at Örebro University. Areas have included lgbti-psychology and critical perspectives, but also statistics, CBT, social psychology, and health-psychology.


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Articles in journals

Gato, J. , Barrientos, J. , Tasker, F. , Miscioscia, M. , Cerqueira-Santos, E. , Malmquist, A. , Seabra, D. , Leal, D. & et al. (2021). Psychosocial Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Mental Health among LGBTQ+ Young Adults: A Cross-Cultural Comparison across Six Nations. Journal of Homosexuality, 68 (4), 612-630.
Wurm, M. , Anniko, M. , Tillfors, M. , Flink, I. & Boersma, K. (2018). Musculoskeletal pain in early adolescence: A longitudinal examination of pain prevalence and the role of peer-related stress, worry, and gender. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 111, 76-82.
Malmquist, A. & Wurm, M. (2018). Regnbågsfamiljer: Familjer där föräldrarna är homo, bi, trans eller queer. Fokus på familien: Tidsskrift for familiebehandling, 46 (2), 113-132.
Wurm, M. , Klein Strandberg, E. , Lorenz, C. , Tillfors, M. , Buhrman, M. , Holländare, F. & Boersma, K. (2017). Internet delivered transdiagnostic treatment with telephone support for pain patients with emotional comorbidity: a replicated single case study. Internet Interventions, 10, 54-64.
Edlund, S. , Wurm, M. , Holländare, F. , Linton, S. J. , Fruzzetti, A. E. & Tillfors, M. (2017). Pain patients´ experiences of validation and invalidation from physicians before and after multimodal pain rehabilitation: Associations with pain, negative affectivity and treatment outcome. Scandinavian Journal of Pain, 17, 77-86.
Lundberg, T. & Wurm, M. (2016). The formation of an LGBTQ network for psychologists in Sweden: A work in progress. Psychology of Sexualities Review, 7 (1), 29-40.
Traczyk, M. , Wurm, M. & Ahonen, L. (2013). "Det är ju inget vi frågar efter som psykologer": psykologers upplevelse av klienter med könsöverskridande beteende. Lambda Nordica: Tidskrift om homosexualitet, 3-4, 77-99.

Chapters in books

Furmark, T. , van Zalk, N. & Wurm, M. (2021). Social ångest som begrepp, diagnos och kulturyttring. In: Ewa Mörtberg; Maria Tillfors, Social ångest från teori till behandling (pp. 25-52). Lund: Studentlitteratur AB.
Wurm, M. & Hanner, H. (2017). Att möta samhället som hbtq+. In: Lundberg, Tove; Malmquist, Anna; Wurm, Matilda, HBTQ+: Psykologiska perspektiv och bemötande (pp. 153-168). Stockholm: Natur och kultur.
Anna, M. & Wurm, M. (2017). Föräldraskap. In: Lundberg, Tove; Malmquist, Anna; Wurm, Matilda, HBTQ+: Psykologiska perspektiv och bemötande (pp. 227-244). Stockholm: Natur och kultur.
Wurm, M. & Traczyk, M. (2017). Riktlinjer. In: Lundberg, Tove; Malmquist, Anna; Wurm, Matilda, HBTQ+: Psykologiska perspektiv och bemötande (pp. 333-338). Stockholm: Natur och kultur.
Wurm, M. (2017). Trans. In: Lundberg, Tove; Malmquist, Anna; Wurm, Matilda, HBTQ+: Psykologiska perspektiv och bemötande (pp. 137-152). Stockholm: Natur och kultur.

Collections (editor)

Lundberg, T. (ed.) , Malmquist, A. (ed.) & Wurm, M. (ed.) (2017). HBTQ+: psykologiska perspektiv och bemötande (1ed.). Stockholm: Natur och kultur.

Conference papers

Wurm, M. , Flink, I. , Tillfors, M. & Boersma, K. (2017). External and internal social factors as risk factors for the development of back/neck pain in Swedish adolescents. Paper presented at 10th Congress of the European Pain Federation (EFIC 2017), Pain in Europe, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 6-9, 2017.
Wurm, M. , Klein Strandberg, E. , Lorenz, C. , Buhrman, M. , Holländare, F. , Tillfors, M. & Boersma, K. (2016). Chronic pain and emotional problems: A replicated single case study of an internet based therapist guided treatment based on CBT principles and the Unified Protocol of transdiagnostic treatments. Paper presented at 8th World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (WCBCT 2016), Melbourne, Australia, June 22-25, 2016.
Wurm, M. & Boersma, K. (2016). Det senaste inom psykoterapi och smärta: Aktuellt från CHAMP: Unified Protocol online och Compassion Focused Therapy för smärtpatienter. Paper presented at Svenskt Smärtforum 2016, Jönköping, Sweden, October 20-21, 2016.
Klein Strandberg, E. & Wurm, M. (2016). When standard pain rehabilitation is not enough: A transdiagnostic internet-delivered guided CBT intervention as a secondary intervention for individuals with chronic pain and co-morbid emotional problems. Paper presented at The 8th Swedish Congress on Internet Interventions (SWEsrii 2016), Örebro, Sweden, November 11, 2016.
Anniko, M. , Wurm, M. & Boersma, K. (2014). Stressing Emotions: Emotion Focused Transdiagnostic Treatment for Work Stress. Paper presented at 44th annual conference of the European Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT 2014), The Hague, The Netherlands, September 10-13, 2014.
Wurm, M. , Edlund, S. , Boersma, K. & Tillfors, M. (2013). Comorbid social anxiety and pain: Relationship with transdiagnostic psychological processes. Paper presented at 8th congress of the European Pain Federation (EFIC 2013), 20 years of building bridges, Florence, Italy, October 9-12, 2013.

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Wurm, M. (2018). Understanding Comorbid Pain and Emotions: A transdiagnostic approach. (Doctoral dissertation). (Comprehensive summary) Örebro: Örebro University.