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Psychology and Pain (CHAMP: PP)

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Katja Boersma

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Pain Psychology (CHAMP: PP) is studying the role of psychological factors in pain and pain-related ill-health. We explore the fundamental psychological mechanisms in pain, in order to utilize this information for enhancing clinical assessments as well as for developing preventive and treatment interventions. Our current research interests are psychological treatment (CBT) for vulvodynia, preventive interventions to decrease sick leave for pain and emotional ill-health, communication around pain in work and health care contexts, pain related vigilance and expectancy, pain in adolescents, pain at different stages of life, opioid use for chronic pain, and psychological treatment for pain patients with comorbid emotional ill-health. Because patients with chronic pain often suffer from multiple problems, we employ the so-called transdiagnostic approach, exploring underlying processes that may drive co-occurring problems, e.g. pain and depression or pain and sleep difficulties.


Research funding bodies

  • AFA Insurance
  • The Research Committee in Region Örebro Council
  • The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE)
  • Region Örebro County ALF
  • Örebro University