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Samira Prado

Position: Researcher School/office: School of Medical Sciences

Email: c2FtaXJhLnByYWRvO29ydS5zZQ==

Phone: +46 19 303470

Room: X2303

Samira Prado

About Samira Prado

About Samira Prado
I was hired as a postdoc by ORU's Food & Health strategic initiative in 2020 and have been working in a field that integrates biochemistry, nutrition, food chemistry, and metabolomics. My work is also within PAN Sweden Centre (FORMAS) and on a daily basis I am involved with the Gut and Health team.

I’m interested in understanding what humans eat but do not digest and how the undigested structures affect our health. For that, I conduct translational studies to understand the role of gastrointestinal tract-body functionality related to diet and health.

Such studies involve techniques such as in vitro and ex vivo studies to mimic digestion and colonic faecal fermentation, as well as cell culture to study functionality and permeability. Additionally, I have been performing dietary interventions where biological samples (e.g., blood, urine, breath, and faeces) are used to study metabolomics, peptidomics, and metagenomics. Ultimately, understanding how diet affects gut functionality in healthy people could enable deciphering the development of pathophysiology of non-communicable diseases on an individual basis. My recent studies has been regarding plant-based protein and dietary fibres effects on health.


My main research projects are:

 - PanProtein - plant-based proteins contributing to a healthy and sustainable diet, which aims to create frameworks to measure the metabolic profiling related to plant-based protein intake.
 - ADAPtide: decrypting sustainable and responsive nutrition by mapping the effects of plant-based foods on metabolic profiling, which will investigate the effects of specific plant-based compounds (peptides, fibres, metabolites) that trigger human biological functions.

I am involved in teaching activities at the master's Program in Experimental Medicine and have been supervising bachelor and master students, in works that involve lab supervision, developing experimental protocols, data analysis and writing. I also have been involved in medical education by tutoring basgrupp (problem-based learning groups).
Prizes: PhD thesis received the Best PhD Thesis Award in Food Science from the Ministry of Education (Brazil) and the Best Thesis Award in Agricultural Science from the University of São Paulo.

Awarded grants: FORMAS Mobility Grant (2022-2023; ca 2M SEK), Ekhagastiftelsen (2023-2014; 980 000 SEK), FORMAS Starting Grant (2024-2028, 4 M SEK).

Extra activities: chair of Örebro University Junior Faculty and part of the Food and Health platform of collaboration


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