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Samira Prado

Title: Postdoctoral Researcher School/office: School of Medical Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303470

Room: C2303

Samira Prado

About Samira Prado

Samira Prado joined Nutrition-Gut-Brain Interactions Research Centre (NGBI) group in February 2020 as a Postdoctoral researcher within the Food and Health Programme. Samira did her PhD in Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Sao Paulo (USP), Brazil. Her main focus was to evaluate structural-dependent effects of dietary fibres on colon cancer and other immune interactions. Now, she is working evaluating with the interplay between dietary proteins and fibres on butyrate production and uptake and human gut health.


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Articles in journals

Prado, S. B. , Beukema, M. , Jermendi, E. , Schols, H. A. , de Vos, P. & Fabi, J. P. (2020). Pectin Interaction with Immune Receptors is Modulated by Ripening Process in Papayas. Scientific Reports, 10.
Ramos do Prado, S. B. , Santos, G. R. , Mourão, P. A. & Fabi, J. P. (2019). Chelate-soluble Pectin Fraction From Papaya Pulp Interacts With galectin-3 and Inhibits Colon Cancer Cell Proliferation. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 126, 170-178.
Ramos do Prado, S. B. , Shiga, T. M. , Horazono, Y. , Hogan, V. A. , Raz, A. , Carpita, N. C. & Fabi, J. P. (2019). Migration and proliferation of cancer cells in culture are differentially affected by molecular size of modified citrus pectin. Carbohydrate Polymers, 211, 141-151.
Ramos do Prado, S. B. , Ferreira, G. F. , Yosuke, H. , Shiga, T. M. , Raz, A. , Carpita, N. C. & Fabi, J. P. (2017). Ripening-induced chemical modifications of papaya pectin inhibit cancer cell proliferation. Scientific Reports, 7, 1-17.
de Menezes, E. W. , Grande, F. , Giuntini, E. B. , Cardoso Lopes, T. d. V. , Tanosov Dan, M. C. , Ramos do Prado, S. B. , Gombossy de Melo Franco, B. D. , Charrondierre, U. R. & et al. (2016). Impact of Dietary Fiber Energy on the Calculation of Food Total Energy Value in the Brazilian Food Composition Database. Food Chemistry, 193, 128-133.
Ramos do Prado, S. B. , Giuntini, E. B. , Grande, F. & de Menezes, E. W. (2016). Techniques to evaluate changes in the nutritional profile of food products. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 53, 1-6.

Articles, reviews/surveys

Chapters in books

Lopes, R. , do Prado, S. & Fabi, J. (2019). Nutrition, the Gastrointestinal Microbiota and Cancer Prevention. In: Thomas Prates Ong, Fernando Salvador Moreno, Nutrition and Cancer Prevention: From Molecular Mechanisms to Dietary Recommendations (pp. 261-293). . Royal Society of Chemistry.