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The Junior Faculty (JF) at Örebro University

The Junior Faculty is a platform through which young researchers organize activities to promote research and education.


In the interest of Örebro University the Junior Faculty (JF) is promoting a greater academic environment for junior and early career researchers. Therefore, we aim at supporting individual career development of young researchers, facilitate information flow between various organizational levels of the university, and provide a platform for networking and interdisciplinary collaboration. In particular, at JF we strive to:

  • Increase educational outcome
  • Provide mentorship programs
  • Support career development
  • Represent junior researchers interests

Structure and Membership

All eligible researchers at Örebro University can become members of the Junior Faculty. Membership is free of charge. The Junior Faculty is governed by an elected board of members. In addition to the board, all members are encouraged to participate in the working groups of the JF.

Junior faculty board

The JF board is composed of six members: one representative from each of the four faculties, a chair and a vice-chair. The JF board meets four times a year and is responsible for:

  • Representing junior faculty interests at ORU and at the national junior faculty
  • Acting as an information channel between the University and junior faculty members
  • Strategic junior faculty decisions
  • Coordination of JF activities

Work Groups

At present, the JF has three established work groups:

  • WG 1 – Internationalization
  • WG 2 – Mentorship activities
  • WG 3 – Junior faculty activities/events


All researchers who have a PhD and are employed at least 20% at Örebro University, but have NOT had both a permanent position AND a docentship for more than one year are eligible to be members of the JF. If you satisfy the criteria, please fill in the form below to apply.

If you are interested in joining any of the currently established work groups or initiating a new one, please also indicate this in your application.


For more information, contact the junior faculty at This is an email address

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