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Samuel Edelbring

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303893

Room: P2127

Samuel Edelbring

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Samuel is pursuing research in health professions education. He holds a PhD in medical education from Karolinska Institutet (2012) and is Associate Professor (Swedish Docent) in medical education. His research interest range from experiential learning methods such as simulation based learning, interprofessional learning and students' learning strategies.

He worked at Karolinska Institutet during 2001-2015, Karolinska University hospital 2013-2015 and Linköping university 2015-2018. At Karolinska Institutet he served at the board of doctoral education. During his academic leadership of the clinical skills and simulation centre (Clinicum) at Linköping University, the university was awarded the ASPIRE award for excellence in simulation.


He has supervised a doctoral student to graduation, Anne Friman, Karolinska Institutet 2017, and is currently co-supervising two doctoral students: Mikel Nilsson, Karolinska Institutet and Karin Valeskog, Linköping university.

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Articles in journals

Edelbring, S. , Alehagen, S. , Mörelius, E. , Johansson, A. & Rytterström, P. (2020). Should the PBL tutor be present?: A cross-sectional study of group effectiveness in synchronous and asynchronous settings. BMC Medical Education, 20 (1).
Kononowicz, A. A. , Hege, I. , Edelbring, S. , Sobocan, M. , Huwendiek, S. & Durning, S. J. (2020). The need for longitudinal clinical reasoning teaching and assessment: Results of an international survey. Medical teacher, 42 (4), 457-462.
Friman, A. , Wiegleb Edström, D. & Edelbring, S. (2019). General practitioners’ perceptions of their role and their collaboration with district nurses in wound care. Primary Health Care Research and Development, 20.
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Nilsson, M. , Fors, U. , Östergren, J. , Bolinder, G. & Edelbring, S. (2019). Why Medical Students Choose to Use or Not to Use a Web-Based Electrocardiogram Learning Resource: Mixed Methods Study. JMIR medical education, 5 (2).
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Edelbring, S. , Dastmalchi, M. , Hult, H. , Lundberg, I. E. & Dahlgren, L. (2011). Experiencing virtual patients in clinical learning: a phenomenological study. Advances in Health Sciences Education, 16 (3), 331-345.
Wijk, L. , Edelbring, S. , Svensson, A. , Karlgren, K. , Kristiansson, M. & Fors, U. (2009). A pilot for a computer-based simulation system for risk estimation and treatment of mentally disordered offenders. Informatics for Health and Social Care, 34 (2), 106-115.
Edelbring, S. , Fors, U. & Saether, B. (2004). SvalSim: field work simulation system for problem-oriented learning in petroleum geology. International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education, 12 (1), 9-11.

Articles, reviews/surveys

Kononowicz, A. A. , Woodham, L. A. , Edelbring, S. , Stathakarou, N. , Davies, D. , Saxena, N. , Car, L. T. , Carlstedt-Duke, J. & et al. (2019). Virtual Patient Simulations in Health Professions Education: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis by the Digital Health Education Collaboration. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 21 (7).
Hege, I. , Kononowicz, A. A. , Tolks, D. , Edelbring, S. & Kuehlmeyer, K. (2016). A qualitative analysis of virtual patient descriptions in healthcare education based on a systematic literature review. BMC Medical Education, 16.

Chapters in books

Eikeland Husebø, S. , Abrandt Dahlgren, M. , Edelbring, S. , Nordenström, E. , Nordahl Amorøe, T. , Rystedt, H. & Dieckmann, P. (2019). Reflecting on Interprofessional Simulation. In: Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren, Hans Rystedt, Li Felländer-Tsai and Sofia Nyström, Interprofessional Simulation in Health Care: Materiality, Embodiment, Interaction (pp. 139-171). Cham: Springer Publishing Company.

Conference papers

Edelbring, S. & Abrandt Dahlgren, M. (2016). Bodies in Simulation: Exploring Sociomaterial Theory in Collaborative Video-Analysis. Paper presented at NextMed/MMVR22: Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference, Los Angeles, California, USA, April 7-9, 2016. NextMed.
Wiegleb Edström, D. , Karlsson, N. & Edelbring, S. (2016). Reality check: validating virtual patients for interprofessional wound care education. Paper presented at International Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), Barcelona, Spain, August 27-31, 2016. AMEE - Association of Medical Education in Europe.
Friman, A. , Wiegleb Edström, D. & Edelbring, S. (2014). A mixed methods approach to nursing and medicine students’ attitudes towards collaboration. Paper presented at The Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), Milan, Italy, August 30 - September 3, 2014. AMEE - The Association of Medical Education in Europe.
Friman, A. , Wiegleb Edström, D. & Edelbring, S. (2014). An effort to winding future nurses and physicians together: Students’ joint learning about wound management. Paper presented at Nordic Interprofessional Network Conference (NIPNET), Stockholm, Sweden, October 2-3, 2014. NIPNET - Nordic Interprofessional Network.
Edelbring, S. , Lundberg, I. E. & Zary, N. (2013). Expectations and experiences of the collaborative aspect of virtual patient work. Paper presented at The Association for Medical Education in Europe Annual Conference (AMEE), Prague, Czech Republic, August 24-28, 2013. AMEE - The Association for Medical Education in Europe.
Edelbring, S. & Dahlgren, L. O. (2010). Phenomenology as research approach in medical education: Characteristics and empirical examples. Paper presented at The Association for Medical Education in Europe Annual Conference (AMEE), Glasgow, UK, September 4-8, 2010.
Edelbring, S. , Dastmalchi, M. , Lundberg, I. E. , Hult, H. & Dahlgren, L. O. (2009). Virtual Patients in clinical education from a phenomenological perspective. Paper presented at The Association for Medical Education in Europe Annual Conference (AMEE), Málaga, Spain, August 29 - September 2, 2009.

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Edelbring, S. (2012). Technology in education, necessary but not sufficient: understanding learning with virtual patients. (Doctoral dissertation). (Comprehensive summary) Stockholm: Karolinska Institutet.


Edelbring, S. , Lammgård, T. , Pettersson, S. & Ringnander, M. (2020). Diskussion om styrkor och utvecklingsbehov av färdighetsträning på KTC. Enkät till lärare, extern feedback och workshop.. Örebro: (Rapport från Institutionen för hälsovetenskaper ).
Edelbring, S. , Karlberg-Traav, M. , Hultgren, A. , Alverland, V. & Edgren, G. (2020). Förslag till pedagogisk strategi och åtgärder för att stärka genomströmningen i medicinsk vetenskap inom sjuksköterske-programmet. Örebro: Örebro universitet (Rapport från inst. f. Hälsovetenskaper ).