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REALE: The relation between preparations, experiences and health when working in disasters

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Karin Hugelius

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The management of major incidents or disasters require specific skills to deal with the uncertainty, complexity and dynamics that characteristics such events. The REALE project examines different perspectives on crisis management and the relationship between preparation and authentic events, as well as health effects and recovery after being deployed in such situations.

The project consists of several studies. In one, we explore the relationship between preparation and authentic events among prehospital incident managers responding to a major incident, as well as health effects and recovery strategies after such experiences. In two separate studies, we investigate decision-making in crisis organizations, and factors influencing the decision making process. Experiences from organizing and providing psychosocial support during the Covid 19 pandemic is another study within the project. Several studies investigates health effects from being deployed following the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria in 2023, and the recovery strategies used by disaster responders. Also, studies on useful and lacked competences during the same disaster deployment are explored.  

Research funding bodies

  • Örebro University