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Immunoprofiling of Inflammation (iPi)

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Ashok Kumawat

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Our immune system is composed of highly diverse and specialized cells that work together to keep us healthy by protecting us from various pathogens. However, a dysregulated immune system can be destructive and mediate inflammation that leads to chronic inflammatory conditions such as coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, inflammatory bowel disease etc. The immune system composition varies from one individual to another and is determined by various endogenous and exogenous factors such as aging, diet etc. Our objective is to profile immune responses in cardiovascular and intestinal inflammation, using a combination of immunophenotypic, proteomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic and functional analyses. Our translational research is both experimental and clinically oriented.

Our overall goals include:

  • Better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of inflammation linked to cardiovascular and intestinal inflammatory diseases.
  • Identification of novel biomarkers of cardiovascular and intestinal inflammatory diseases.
  • Identification of novel pathways and targets to modulate the immune system in order to resolve inflammation.

Group leader
Associate professor Ashok Kumar Kumawat
Phone: +46 19302185
Email: This is an email address

Group Members
Fausto Pirronello- Postdoctoral Researcher
Rosanne Reitsema- Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Seta Kurt – PhD student, Biomedical Analyst
Liv Sundqvist - Master thesis student 

Knowledge Foundation
Swedish Society of Medicine
Research committee, Örebro county council
Nyckelfonden, Örebro county council
Gamla Tjänarinnor Foundation
Inger Bendix Foundation for Medical research

Join our team: We are always looking for highly motivated and talented colleagues with a passion for basic and translational research to join our team. We welcome prospective PhD and postdoc candidates via Marie Sklodowska-Curie, the Knowledge foundation and Olle Engkvists foundation’s funding programs.

We are always looking for highly motivated students for Master’s thesis project work.

If you are interested to explore immune responses in cardiovascular and intestinal inflammation, please contact us.

Open Positions: Currently we have one open position for Master’s thesis project fellow. If you are interested, please email your CV and brief cover letter stating your research interests and future career goals to This is an email address.  

We have ongoing internal and external collaboration with researchers from Örebro University and Örebro University Hospital, Jönköping University, University of Glasgow, University of Manchester, UK and Swedish biotech companies Affibody AB, Perimed AB, TATAA Biocenter AB and Cellevate AB.

Research funding bodies

  • The Knowledge Foundation
  • Swedish Fund Nyckelfonden
  • Region Örebro County
  • Örebro University