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The network of the Online Users of The Swedish Employer Employee Data (OUTSEED)

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Daniela Andrén

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OUTSEED aims to bring together "online" or "remote access" users of the Swedish Employer Employee Data (SEED) who wish to present their results based on SEED and/or improve the access to, the use and the quality of the available data.

Specific Aims
- to create the opportunity for online users of SEED to present their results during the workshops. Additionally to the presentation of the papers' question, theoretical and empirical frameworks, and results, enough time will be allocate for discussion concerning data used in the presented papers. One scientific report about data issues is planned to be written after each workshop.
- to provide a comprehensive overview of available official Swedish Employer-Employee data (SEED), and disseminate information how, by whom and where they can be accessed.
- to monitor and record technical and administrative problems encountered in generating and using SEED.
- to promote equal and easy access to official microdata (respecting the principle of equal treatment and equal opportunities in getting access to data).
-to explore the possibility for online users to get "offline" very small samples (which do not allow the identification of any person or firm) used in the submitted papers.
- to create a new series of Working Papers based on SEED, which aims to be linked to S-WoPEC.
- to interact with researchers who use Employer Employee Data from other countries (both remote and on-site access).

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  • Örebro University