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SAFe - The Social Services' Work with People with Disability

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SAFe focuses on studying and developing support for the social services’ work with violence against people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The research group conducts two research projects: the VISA-project (Våld I nära relationer och Socialtjänstens (Anpassade) Arbete – violence in close relationships and the social services (adapted) work) aims to adapt and develop the social services’ methods to detect and assess risk for violence in close relationships so that it suits work with people with IDD. The DIALOG-project (Dialogstöd för socialtjänstens riskbedömning av våld i nära relationer – Dialogue-support for the social services’ assessment of risk of violence in close relationships) aims to develop, evaluate, and implement a flexible and research-based support material for social workers in their meetings with people with IDD. The research group is a collaboration between researchers from social work, occupational therapy, and disability research.

External researcher: Lisette Farias Vera, KI. 

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