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Sofia Strid

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The research group Women's Safety and Security - During and Beyond the Pandemic conducts interdisciplinary research on men's violence against women and girls, and on gendered inequalities. The members of the group have long experience in researching violence, individually, in other research groups and together, but focus here specifically on changes and variations in women's safety and security during and after Covid-19. Changes and variations in safety and security are examined in multiple domains, including e.g., family, work, economy, (civil)society, politics, and not least in the domain of violence.
During 2021, the group leads a qualitative interview study on gendered and intersectional inequalities caused by policy and societal responses to Covid-19 (n=780) (RESISTIRÈ) and conducts a quantitative prevalence survey on men's violence against women and girls in Sweden, Womens safety during and beyond Covid-19 which constitute the qualitative and quantitative bases for the group's ongoing and future joint projects.
The prevalence study is carried out by Örebro university and the National Organisation for Women’s Shelters and Young Women's Shelters in Sweden (Roks), in collaboration with Statistics Sweden (SCB).

The research team consists of:

  • Jenny Westerstrand (PhD in Law)
  • Åsa Eldén (PhD in Sociology)
  • Petra Ornstein (Lic in Statistics)
  • Linnéa Bruno (PhD in Sociology)
  • Hans Ekbrand (PhD in Sociology)
  • Sofia Strid (PhD in Gender Studies)


Research funding bodies

  • EU Horizon 2020