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Women's safety during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic (2021-2022)

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The project investigates men's violence against women and women's exposure to violence and abuse and opportunities for support and help in Sweden, with a particular focus on exposure during Covid-19. This is done through a prevalence survey on men's violence against women and girls in Sweden. The aim is to create a nationally representative, quantitative knowledge material on women’s safety, or rather the lack thereof, in relation to men’s violence, captured in 2021, during the ongoing pandemic.

The material consists of a survey sent out to 15,000 women aged 18-86, asking questions about women's experiences of control, threats, physical, psychological, financial, financial, sexual violence and abuse, in online/offline contexts, in different relationships during the pandemic and earlier in life.

The study is conducted by Örebro University and the National Organization for Women's and Girls' Shelters in Sweden (Roks) in collaboration with Statistics Sweden (SCB). It builds on the first Swedish scope survey "Slagen dam" (Lundgren et al. 2001). 

The research team consists of: 

  • Jenny Westerstrand (PhD in Law)
  • Åsa Eldén (PhD in Sociology)
  • Petra Ornstein (Lic in Statistics)
  • Linnéa Bruno (PhD in Sociology)
  • Hans Ekbrand (PhD in Sociology)
  • Sofia Strid (PhD in Gender Studies)


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