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Clinical group supervision in nursing - a model for strengthening newly graduated nurses? professional role and professional development

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Karin Blomberg

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Several studies describe the transition from being a nursing student to working as a registered nurse especially stressful and "shocking" experience. Moreover, lack of knowledge and clinical skills are described among newly graduated nurses that can jeopardize the patient safety. Despite the introduction of a series of training programs the newly graduated nurses still experience lack of support. Thus, interventions need to be developed to strengthen newly graduated nurses as professionals and to obtain professional development. The aim of the project is to describe and analyse the significance of group supervision in nursing (HiO) for new graduated nurses’ professional development. Observational studies with newly graduated nurses participating in HiO will be implemented. The studies will focus on how the professional identity emerges and is conceptualized within and outside HiO, and what languaging and identity positions will be possible. Data are collected through field notes from observations, interviews and informal conversations.



Research funding bodies

  • Örebro University