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Education as greenhouse for children?s and young people?s human rights

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Ann Quennerstedt

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The project investigates what it means to educate children and young people in relation to human rights. The research interest is didactic, directing the attention to how the content of teaching and learning give possibilities or constrain children’s and young people’s growth as holders and practitioners of human rights. To identify, clarify and discuss the learning potential of the content, the project poses the following questions:

What is the content in teaching and learning in, through and about human rights?

- How are children and young people, through this content, given possibilities to grow as holders and practitioners of human rights?

The research is conducted through long-term fieldwork in educational practice, in all ages in the education system – pre-school to upper secondary school. The methods for data collection will be observational methods and interviews with adults and children.

The project is designed as a three-nations collaborative study, meaning that the same study is conducted in Sweden, Australia and England.

Research funding bodies

  • Swedish Research Council


  • Carol Robinson, University of Brighton, UK
  • Lotta Brantefors, Uppsala universitet
  • Louise Phillips, University of Queensland, AUS
  • Nina Thelander, Karlstads universitet