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CleanSea is a multidisciplinary and collaborative research project addressing marine litter from different perspectives. It aims at providing Member States and other stakeholders with improved knowledge, methods and tools to be able to better define, monitor and achieve a marine environment free of harmful litter levels. In doing so, it will deliver a transparent and useful guidance to policy makers and stakeholders dealing with marine litter mitigation by:

I. Providing comprehensive characterization and analysis of the marine litter problem (biological, chemical, social, economic, legislative and policy-oriented) in the EU’s four main marine regions

II. Proposing innovative monitoring tools and standard protocols to facilitate monitoring marine litter in a harmonized way

III. Presenting cost-effective management measures and policy options to meet MSFD and other international objectives regarding marine litter.

MTM coordinates WP3 ’Innovative tools for marine litter monitoring and remediation’.

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  • EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)