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Processes of Intercultural Learning: Research, Online Collaboration, and Musical Immersion in Brazil and Sweden

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This research partnership between Örebro University and Universidade de Brasília concerns interactional and intercultural approaches and through shared field experiences and online seminars. It entails the following inter-linked sub-projects:

1. Musical immersion: This project involves studies at the partner institution together with three field trips within Brazil/Sweden that are connected to the following four areas: traditional knowledge, cultural diversity, music associations and distance learning in music.

2. Shared on-line seminars between the two post graduate programs in Music at ÖU and UnB (in English).

3. Research workshops for postdoctoral researchers at ÖU and UnB for co-authoring articles concerning this collaboration.

Main collaborators: Antenor Ferreira Corrêa, Universidade de Brasília (Brazil).

Funding STINT (Sweden)/ CAPES (Brazil).



  • Antenor Ferreira CorrĂȘa, Universidade de BrasĂ­lia