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Indoor environment and chemical exposure in low-energy buildings

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Thanh Wang

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We spend most of our time indoors and a sound indoor environment is important for our wellbeing and health. In order to minimize energy usage, there are more and more buildings are being built using well isolated constructions where the ventilation is controlled by heat exchangers. As such, new construction materials are also being introduced in order to reach the required airtightness and isolation properties. There are however limited information on how the indoor chemical composition is affected by the change of material and ventilation techniques in low energy buildings. A research collaboration between the Healthy Building Forum (HBF) and Örebro University has commenced in order to increase knowledge on this subject. The goal for this project is to investigate the indoor environment in low energy buildings and assess the potential risks for people residing in these buildings, and to improve and reduce potential risks that might ensue.

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  • Healthy Building Forum
  • Örebro University