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Assessment of difficulties in everyday life - validation of the Swedish self-administered version of World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0 in a psychiatric population

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Liselotte Hermansson

Research subject

The overall aim is to validate the Swedish WHODAS 2.0 self-administered version in psychiatric care by examining its psychometric qualities in different psychiatric populations. More specifically we want to examine:

  • The factorial structure compared to the English version;
  • The internal consistency in different patient populations;
  • The test-retest reliability;
  • Alternate forms reliability between the self-administered and interviewer administered versions;
  • Convergent validity to other measures of function such as Sheehan Disability Scale or GAF; and,
  • Discriminative validity between groups of people with different health conditions.

Research funding bodies

  • Regional Research Council Mid Sweden


  • Cecilia Svanborg, Karolinska institutet
  • Mia Ramklint, Uppsala Universitet
  • Per Söderberg, Dalarnas Högskola
  • Robin Midhage, Uppsala universitet
  • Stefan Tungström, Dalarnas Högskola
  • Ylva Ginsburg, Socialstyrelsen, Stockholm